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Although André's has been around for over 60 years, we are in the process of a brand rejuvenation and our brand, including our website, is under construction. Never before have we unified our packaging and created an overall look for our products that would showcase our brand and our history. It has been fun for our team to get back to our roots and find a method in which to showcase our past while planning for our growing future.

After much research and creativity from the team at Willoughby Design, we have created a look that brings forth our history as well as our modern aesthetic. We matched the colors from the Swiss flag and created a continuous paper cut pattern like the ones that commonly decorate the walls throughout the country of Switzerland. Willoughby created a one-of-a-kind scherenschnitte pattern that will be featured on each of our product lines. You will see this pattern not only on the outside of the box, but on the inside as well. Each detailed section represents something distinct within the Swiss culture and even scenes that are unique and special to the Bollier family.

Scherenschnitte literally means "scissor cuts" in German. This often symmetrical, detailed art of continuous paper cutting originated on farms in Switzerland during the 16th century to pass the time during winter. The care and tradition of Scherenschnitte reflects the history of the Bollier family. Founders, André and wife Elsbeth Bollier, second generation Marcel and wife Connie Bollier as well Brigitte and Kevin Gravino, plus third generation René and wife Nancy Bollier, are honored to carry on this legacy. Like the detailed art of scherenschnitte, they have brought the same precision and beauty to chocolate making. Three generations of Swiss confiseurs have made André’s one of America’s premier chocolatiers since 1955.

We invite you to experience our new gift boxes for yourself, others, and all that scherenschnitte.

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